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MartinRemember the model who wore his wet tighty whities in the 2013 Cosmo Bash? Martin Flores is back and he’s in for some more teasin’! The 24-year-old model grew up in Papua New Guinea and lived there for ten years. He speaks fluent Pidgin. He took up BS Biology at the De La Salle University and once took up Medicine in the same school.

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  1. Itira nyo na lang ito sa mga pantasya nyo, kahit mag-hire pa kayo ng Detectives eh wala kayo malalamang Pabooking sya, cause he’s SO NOT! He’s really nice!

  2. this guy is so perfect from head to toe. really love him. ang ganda ng kanyang mata, ilong, katawan, legs at briefs na suot niya. he’s really yummy and sexy. so papable!

  3. sarap papakin ng kanyang third leg! akala ko lavacara y bata de roba pero pag enlarge kitang kita mo pa ang ulo.

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