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Monday DILFs

DILFs copyMonday’s DILF day and seeing these guys make me smell the testosterone! The scent of musk, funk and all that gunk, in all their pleasantness! Victor Aliwalas (left) and John Spainhour best embody the real man ideals – strong, confident and sexy. And handsome, of course.

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  1. victor is my man! my longtime crush, hot and definitely gorgeous! luv to suck his throbbing cock! oh! victor pls fuck my butt now na! john is also sexy as fuck, luv to have victor and john’s cock in my mouth!

  2. can’t get enough of victor and john, mauubos na naman tamod ko nito sa kajajakol the whole day! ahh! luv them both!

  3. Di ako makapili. Ang ggwapo na, malalaki pa. Their facial hair make them hotter. Tas siyempre yung yummy bulge. Sarap sarap nemen.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Victor Aliwalas. So gorgeous and sexy. Sadly, he asked me to take down his Toot campaign photos recently from my Tumblr since he had some kind of job offer or something and photos like this might jeopardize that. *sigh* So no new pics of Victor like this any time soon.

  5. Very hot & sexy.
    But they’re too young to be DILFs.
    Usually, mga 40 something ang age ng mga DILFs.
    50 pataas naman mga silver daddies 🙂

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