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Farad de Gallo1Farad de Gallo

Hello Monday, the weekend killer! It doesn’t feel like a Monday to me. The thing is, I have always gotten through the Monday blues with a lot of nice things on my mind. Take for instance, the explosive photos above. The big guy with the sick abs and massive, uh,  confidence is getting me through the day. Happy Monday everyone!

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    1. wafu. sini syemga shish? tayf ko sya isuck ng buo hangang balakang at dilaan ng bonggang bongga ang puwet hole nya.I wana eat his feces din. sarap ha?

  1. I think it’s a lookalike. The lips and nose look slightly different than the guy I think it is. I could be wrong though.

  2. Tangos ilong kung si adolf to masyadong pointed at mataas. Pinoy to for sure kasi d pang afam size ng notes

    1. Pahingi nman ng link hehe meron akong nakitang vid nya kaso damn tadtad ng watermark nung blogger ung vid kaya di masyadong magandang panoorin.

  3. At last, I saw the hot cock of that boy named Adolf Geralde. He was that boy of a mobile phone ad. He is a typically hot Filipino city boy that makes the women and gaymen go crazy.

      1. every nekkid males that appears in medias and internet..they were made from sperm bank..most of sperm donors comes from gay that right?

  4. Late na kayo sa balita..wala na cla lara matagal na..dyowa n lara ngyn c paolo videones..(me sex video kasi).single c adolf ngyn..sagana naman kasi sa sex dahil mga merlat pa lumalapit.past na nya c mama rey..2009 era pa ata cla with carlos morales ang the gang…wanna know more???hahhaa

      1. Sadneśs. Kng may attachment feature lng tng site na itech na ishare ko na sana snyo ung vid nya

  5. Guys question lng, andami lumalabas ng ganito sa mga male celeb, mga online sex video ba mga Ito? Question lng po.

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