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Who is Mossen Sripen and why is he breaking the (Gaysian) internet lately? He’s a Thai model, who became famous for his risqué photo shoots in the past. He’s apparently back, after a bout with myositis (Google that one out). Since there’s a dearth of racy photos here of late, we’re looking at the other side of the pond for some fresh catch.

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  1. i used to follow his photographer. i also wondered why there were not new posts of mossen, until today, with RD.

    there’s a “masahista” in anonas that looks exactly like him (when mossen was younger, and this “masahista” was younger). search fb for FAFA JERALD.

    1. Correction: Thai-Caucasian/Chinese in showbiz, modelling or Gay Smut (oo kainggit kasi mas free LGBT sa kanila kesa sa atin). Try mo majority ng thais sa palengke, parang di ka lumayo sa nakikita mo sa Divi.

      1. yes I know that…majority of regular thais look very similar to normal/regular guys here found on streets. I was pertaining ofcourse to thai men in the entertainment/ model and sex trade. Mas nakakalibog sila compared to their pinoy counterpart

  2. Nakakaloka talaga mga comment ng mga lola…. minsan yuyurakin pag di nila type. Pero di nila.naisip hangang tingin nalang sila.hahahahah! Wish! Kakaloka!

  3. Teaser King toh eh before pa naman nag cross over sa legit modelling itong c Mossen eh sa gay mag ang number 1 playground niya, for 10 years ata alaga ito ng sikat na pogay na nude photographer sa Thailand… ang Arte nuon ni Mossen kc exclusive xa sa gay photog na yun at super spoiled, but now he’s aging eh cguro may bagong Papa na ung photog/manager niya kaya balik sa pagpuputa… e puta naman kc talaga ito dati pa…

  4. Mukhang bakulaw pag ngumiti though ok naman mga teeth niya kaya nagpapaka fierce or super model dahil mas ok pag naka pout…

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