Mr. Brazil

There’s another gorgeous Brazilian model in our midst. Quiet, tall and strikingly handsome. His name is Luciano Stranghetti, and he’s got a Mister Brazil title tucked somewhere under his abs and bulges. This 22-year-old hunk from São Paulo has been in the country for quite some time now, doing modeling jobs on the runway and in print ads. If he looks familiar, he’s the catalog underwear model for Avon. Yes, “the company for women” has a men’s line.

53 thoughts on “Mr. Brazil”

  1. Malamang aayawan ito ng marami dito dahil walang bakat sa underwear. Ako ok lang kahit 3 inches pa yan. Marami pa naman ibang masarap na parte ng katawan niya. Ako na lang titira sa kanya kung like niyang maging bottom.

  2. gwapo naman ng mga Brazilian, sarap siguro pumunta ng Brazil at manghada doon. mga ganitong itsura sigurado mura lang dun.

  3. For goodlooking dudes Brazil is the place to be not to mention the many tourist attractions it offers visitors. And for Pinoys with Filipino passports you don’t even need a visa. The huge Christ statue on top of a hill is breathtaking. Of course I’m talking Rio de Janeiro. Check out Ipanema and Copacabana, and the many attractive Cariocas in tight speedos hanging out at the beach. Its my fave city to visit, and my straight friends wonder why. Its all about the boys but they will never know. hahaha


  5. Ayan tuloy RD pinakialaman ko ang AVon catalog ni madir! Di ko pa naman pinapansin yun. Meron palang ganun na briefs hahahaha

  6. eeeee!!!! kinikilig aketch!!!!!!!! ganda ng fez teh!!!!!!!! keri lang ang bulge!!! pero ok na yan kesa naman chaka ang fez noh!!!!! pak!!!!!

  7. oo nga bkit mgsusuot ng avon na brief e marami nmn bench,hanes,mossimo,CK…ang ngsusuot ng avon ay utang yan tyak..4 gives..hahah

  8. bakit ang liliit ng mga nipples ng mga brazilian models dito. hehhehehe

    sana un lang ang maliit at ang tarugo ay gahigante. ahhahaha

  9. what’s with avon underwear? avon is a multi national brand. recognized sa buong mundo and hindi any any ang mga models at endorsers. kelan pa makaka kuha ng reese witherspoon at fergie endorsers ang bench? i am not bad mouthing bench. nakaka asar lang yung iba na masyadong pasosyal.

  10. nice to hear that everyone has been so indulge with Fabio. By the way, that’s his nickname. I have been working in Avon for months now and we always got some time to talk to our models and Fabio is one of the best. He’s so malambing and all you wanted with a guy, he has it. ALso, not to mention he got a big dick. You’ll scream to joy if you got an advantage to see him while in photo shoot.

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