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Mr. International

It’s a bumper crop of cute boys in this year’s Mr. International-Philippines search! Unlike in some contests, this batch is a heady mix of new and fresh faces with well-toned bods to boot! I’m eyeing these guys on finals night – [left-right] Billy Villeta, Ardee Concepcion, Jeffrey Sanchez, Jeff Yamanouchi and John Emmanuel Castillo. Finals show is on 21 June 2013 at the Fil-Oil Arena in San Juan City. 
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  1. type ko ikamamuchi yung 2 ombre from the left. mukha silang mga biggies! yung gitna pinaka-pogi ang mukha. yung 4th and 5th okay for my weekend treats! hehehehe

  2. Double treat yang sa gitna. Top and bottom. Sa halagang P3,000 to P5,000; lasingin lang. Pinagsawaang na ng mga bading sa Bacolod, di ba, Atty?

    1. Si Jeff Sanchez? Taga Guam yan di ba. Yung taga Negros si Billy V baka yun ang pahada kasi mahirap lang sya

  3. Villeta is the male Janine Tugonon. Exotic and global. Sanchez, for whatever all will say, is cute. I like him. Yamanouchi is pretty and if theres a surname that can be nicely appended to mine, I love it.

  4. Wow! May brief pics pala si BILLY ViLLETA. I swear ang gwapo nya. Lalaking lalaki. Search nyo pics nya sa fb page nya. Meron pa ba xang pics na gaya nito?

  5. Billy Villeta looks like a typical good-looking Pinoy boy-next-door that oozes with animalistic appeal. I swear he’s hotter than most celeb and model hunks out there.

    1. Hey, why do I have to be included in your comment? Did I do you any wrong? Envy is the sin of those low-life creatures lurking for good things in life but simply have no determination to fulfill the will. Like you. Vanish from the Earth! –

  6. 2nd from right and b.villeta ang malakas ang appeal. ung nasa gitna daw “pinakapogi mukha” ewan what taste meron yun nagcomment.. para ngang malambot sa palng

  7. the leftmost guy for the win! I dont know but there’s a distinctive manly Pinoy quality that surrounds him! sya na!

  8. Di porke taga Guam mayaman. si Jeffrey Sanchez sa Bacolod ngayon nakatira. Hawak yan ng baklang si Mark V, pero nag sa sideline sa iba, may isang atty., may isang guro. Nagpapahada sa halagang P3 kiaw.

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