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You can’t possibly go wrong with a name such as Lord Kenneth Snell. The cute newcomer from Laguna, who has been joining male pageants of late, is getting noticed and a showbiz career is in the offing. In the meantime, while it’s summer, he’s bringing us bikini contest vibes. Why not?

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  1. Lord Kenneth is the younger brother of Sin Island actress Hart, who is Princess Tinkerbell Cristina Marjorie Pedere Snell in real life (from

    Lord? Princess Tinkerbell? Juskolord… dami mo masagap sa parenting styles.

    At least beautiful face. Good for him may mapagkakakitaan na, no need to study or get any real job, until maybe 30+ or tumaba.

  2. Sya yung kapatid ni Nathalie Hart diba aka Princess Snell before? He’s cute…pero cnbi ni Nathalie na may 2 syang kapatid na bakla, isa kaya si Kenneth dun?

  3. nakainuman k0 na t0 sa pacita san pedr0. kan0 kung tawagin. per0 ndi ganun ka charming in pers0n. ekoms lord hahah

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