48 thoughts on “Nick Naughty”

  1. Nabiktima rin ba sya ni Vic Fabe?

    Infernez sa katawan nitong si Nick Nolte at napakaganda at sarap papakin. Grrrrr….

  2. Hango sa pangalan ng American actor ang Nick Nolte… i used to fantasize and watch the TV series Rich Man, Poor Man because of the rugged, manly looks of Nick Nolte (the original)…

  3. You saw the YouTube vid with MrI – Belgium, Admin? Very veiled. Between the lines and nervous chuckles, it confirms that that-person-from-that-media-partner-beginning-with-the-letter-M dabbles in the MrI pageant. Good thing Mr.Nolte here was (street)smart enough to decline you-know-what and still emerge with plenty of fans and post-pageant carreer opportunities. Advantage, Thai!

  4. On his IG story he said he just did normal photo shoot, no nudity, no nothing. Hope he’s lying though lol

    Also, he’s everything but straight :))

    1. His teeth aren’t straight that’s for sure. Medyo turn off pag nakalabas ngipin, if that’s your thing. Josh Barfus is like that too. Sooooooo sexy with those smoldering stares. Pero pag nagsmile na, hmmm…

  5. Aaaaay!! Vic Fabe photography.. Swerte ni Ms. Fabe.. Dumaan na sa mapagpalang bunganga ni Madam si Mr. Thailand..

  6. It’s better that way so that my imagination will reach upon the stars when it comes to his penis size. Leave it that way, RD!

  7. tinitigasan ako sayo papa Nick! ang gwapo mo. parang ang taba ng etits so pag tumelag ito, warak ang kififay ko! kakalibog ka Nick!

  8. Ang sarap ng katawan nya, grabe! Perfect yung hubog nakakalibog, maskulado pero di batobato, tender juicy, meaty at moist. Sarap sarap…

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