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Not-So Vintage Sunday

I found this one in the old files. A few years ago, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila was one of the few it-boys in the Bench Body block. He was in practically all the major campaigns, ads and shows of the underwear company. A number of more daring ingenues and upstarts later, he’s now out of the whole scene. He’s also hardly seen in showbiz circles these days. 
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  1. Nasa golds glorietta lagi haha kasama si Arnold hahahaa

    Pero infairnesss he’s hot pa rin pero laging balot na balot lol

  2. Good Post Rd!
    Maybe because they just have a body to be proud of but they lack of talent in showbizness that’s why people like him was rarely seen nowadays.

    First to comment…

  3. Nakakamis tong si john avila. Dati nakita ko to in rustans nong bago pa lang siya tapos napaka exotic looking ng gf nya. In other words panget.

    Rd, posy ka naman ulit ng mga dick-a-day photos mo

  4. May right naman sa mahal na booking fee since payag sya ma-penetrate. He used to be the power bottom in the booking industry.

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