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Twenty-four-year-old model Kenjie Zabala has an erection and he wants us to vote for him in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s poll for “Steamy Studs Online. The 5’10”-tall native of Olongapo City was a contestant at the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit [he didn’t attend finals night]. Now, he’s the latest addition to the Filipino group of male entertainers in Macau, along with the Johnron, Jude Marco, Raymond, Surio, Keiser and Paul Anthony.

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  1. ang pangit ng pagka photoshop. mali yung shadows, and di man lang ni smudge yung edges para mukhang seamless yung pag palit sa background

  2. eto ang malungkot…pag nag macau na sila, nakakabit na talaga yung tag na nagcallboy na sila. which is honestly understandable, ano nga naman ba ang gagawin mo dun? kung nun mga hosto sa japan, ngayon macau naman.

  3. He is really very sexy in person, i have met him during his Mossimo days in Boracay. Sayang nga lang at hindi sya nagtuloy.

  4. though tama ang comment ng isa, di necessarily pag nag macau ka, eh callboy ka na. puedeng talagang hanggang pa sayaw sayaw at di ka na nagpapabooking.

    but to be honest, siguro less than 5% lang ang probability nito.

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