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bench1On a rainy Saturday night there were a handful of hunks who kept things as hot and humid as the weather, at the annual Red Cross Charity Ball, the Red Charity Gala at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Fort!ย  Bench Body’s flesh show contribution was the scene stealer!

bench2The indignities of an underwear model in Manila! Imagine the awkwardness of the guests (and the naked models), but some bold and leering souls clicked away, anyways.


The lobby looked like a scene from Full Massage Boy Thai Club. Rein Villareal, Andrea Biondo, Ben Siao and Johannes Rissler (Mr. Philippines-Germany) in red come hither fashion.


The boys (Rein and Ben) either looked tired or simply putting on a show for the big night presentation.


The Lees were also there – Vin and Carlo!


Rare sighting of Charlie Sutcliffe in undies again.

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  1. I bet – comments will be flooded with gays bashing his own kind with the following subjects..
    1. Grammatically incorrect sentences
    2. Wanting to be the first one to comment
    3. Trying hard to speak foreign
    4. Etc

    Bat Kaya bakla nilalait kapwa bakla, tapos gusto
    Ng mga bakla “acceptance.” Di nga natin matanggap ang sarili nating kapintasan, tapos gusto niyo tanggapin tayo ng buong Mundo…..?

  2. anong connect ng bench underwear boys sa red cross??? pa explain? para tumaas ba ang BP ng guest tapos mag donate ng blood? ok sana kung classy presentation pero ang cheap and sleazy ng dating at sa shang fort pa a. ang consolation nalang is at least maraming models ang nagka raket

      1. 2:12 ikaw ang hindi critical. basahin mo lahat ng comment sa baba, same sentiment as mine at hindi ako yan a. red cross event kasi yan. walang aspect na pwedeng paglagyan ang models in undies in sleazy poses. Si Rosa Rosal tataas ang BP nya pag nakita nya yan. Maybe si Bench ang one of the sponsor pero sana naman bench x red cross collab na mga limited items na suot ng models..pwedeng tees and pwede a bit of least ganon iilan lang ang nakahubad. may kabuluhan ang dating.

          1. i checked wiki first before posting that comment at buhay na buhay pa si Ms. Rosa Rosal..mabuhay ang reyna ng Damayan at Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko!

  3. At least nagkaraket mga modelo na kapit sa patalim.
    Pero it’s not proper na sosy yung event tapos may nakahubad…

  4. Kinain din ni Sutcliffe salita nya na hindi na sya mag underwear modleing hahahaha taghirap na ba ulit Sutcliffe?????

      1. yung highlight ng event is fashion show of Chito Vijandre. so may “fashion” aspect itong charity gala. However, sana pina rampa nalang sila as a side show before the main event rather than them lingering around in that area. As someone mentioned, nag mukha ngang bath house or gay massage spa. kulang nalang ng mala aquarium setup.

  5. Kaloka naman nakajubad talaga??? Ano kaya feeling ng mga models habang nag ogle ang mga chakang bading sa kanila? so demeaning!!!!

    1. Juice colored, Admin. First there’s Thorn. Now Vietnam (flower).
      I’m flattered…?!…

      But OK, as long as everybody’s having fun and nobody gets hurt. But NO CUSS, please.

      Pasensiya na, (puso). Ayaw nila, eh.
      Do not worry. I will find a way.

  6. I was there. It was really awkward. I love seeing men in undies but it was totally the wrong venue for this stunt.

  7. Good for the mdoels because they have work but they have to suffer so much indignity . Shame on you Bench for exploting them!!!

  8. this is art and the connection? of course you do an art exhibition in a gala event this is even an abstract art bravo!

    1. Anong abstract dyan e wala namang artistic merit yung ginawa nila? Buti sana kung erotica o male boudoir ang theme e charity event ‘to. Yung mukha mo ang abstract e haha!

  9. Highly inappropriate show for the occasion and venue. If this is a fashion show of sorts, how come the models did not even don any new Bench Body collection? Just basic black and white underwear. Clearly it’s sexploitation.

  10. The decent guests were scandalized nga hahaha
    Only the cheap guests and bekis ang nagpapicture like the tranny G3 something

  11. My gawd naman! Sino nakaisip nito?! Sana man lang nagpa fashion show na lang. Nagmukhang nasa bath house yung mga lalake or worst gay bar. Tsk! Tsk! Sobrang palpak lang.

  12. I dont see any inappropriateness. But everybody can express their opinion. Bekita ba si rein villareal? Sana hindi.

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