Hot Men in the Philippines



One of the more noticeable, notable bikini-boys-in-the-background at the Bench show was Albert Gonzales. He was in that group that lead Jakey to greater heights, one of the highlights of the show. With his risqué exposure on stage for a major brand, Albert is surely moving up the underwear modelling ladder.

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  1. i remember his pic before, where his crotch was more prominent..i agree, he has that certain appeal, innocent-looking and yet sensual…where can i find him and kneel before him?

  2. Isa sya sa mga gogo boys ng Bed sa may greenfields before. Super hard ito pag sumasayaw. Napisil ko na at natouch nota nya and ang yummy talaga

  3. Grabe ang mga baklang kanto makapagsalita halatang walang mga modo!napaghahalata saan kayo galing! grabe!

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