Pensive PJ

PJ9 copy

TV’s newest eye candy, PJ Go goes extra daring this time in his undies. ย The 6′-tall former model, who dropped out of a Marketing course from the University of the East to pursue his, uh, passion, is now reaping the small rewards of showbiz, thanks to his savvy manager and talent agency behind him.

45 thoughts on “Pensive PJ”

  1. How bad ha? Most of you here. Am sure you cant afford naman even a canto boy. Love love love na lang!

  2. Super gwapo and ang ganda ng katawan. More of him sana, rd. Yung brother nya cute din. Ang daming echosera dito. Di naman to pabooking.

    1. If you don’t like the heat of the kitchen, get out of the kitchen. Life is short. People will not adjust for you.

      1. Oh yea that’s why this nation is going to the pigs like you! pwede namang humanga ang mga bakla pero grabehan? konting moral naman! kung magpapantasya sa sarili na lang hindi yung kailangan pang ilagay sa comment section napaghahalatang mga hayok na hayok sa laman!

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