Hot Men in the Philippines


This is the definitive poll  [I think] to these two models who are lording over the Bench Body backyard the past few months. Who is the better model? The one in blue or green? Make a choice and let’s see who is on top.

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  1. vince of course! looking fresh as always. sam looks mathunder and tuyot, i dont understand kung bakit in demand.

  2. ayw ko sa kanilang dalawa! parang mga freak! sobrang haba ng mga arms and legs nila parang galamay ng octopus! hehehehe! peace!

  3. Sam definitely. Hindi proportional yun katawan ni Vince. Ang laki ng katawa tapos ang liit ng ulo. Pati yung extremities nya parang off din sa body nya overall. Mas gusto ko rin face ni Sam. Maski mas mukhang “mature”, mas gwapo pa rin kaysa kay Vince.

  4. Sobrang tangkad ni vince..nakakaloka parang nakaka freak out
    Si sam naman sobrang daks!! Mas nakakaloka!! Ahahahahahaha

  5. Sam 1000k times. vince is also okay pero parang may something na di ko ma pinpoint parang may kulang.. Or may sobra hehe!

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