Hot Men in the Philippines

Pool Boys

Hot scene: two boys by the pool, under the hot summery sunshine of the midday hours. What will happen next?  Our models for today are fly-in guys Pedro Mologni [left] and Diego Furoni.  These Brazilian hotties are in town to do work mostly for SM Department Store. They are also featured mods in the Philippine Fashion Week series.
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  1. Yung Diego Furoni confeermed na pabooking. Ang booking agent nya e yung stylist ng SM na makyonders na may dyowa ding stylist/make up artist. Yun na!

  2. I don’t approve of SM using too much foreign models it sends a bad message. I mean they are a feast for the eyes yet the typical Filipino doesn’t look like that. What looks good on them doesn’t always look good on us.

  3. a lot of these brazilians are pabooking, especially those na di naman kilala talaga. sa baba ng kinikita nila sa modelling plus with no other source of income, may choice pa ba sila? kaya fiesta ang mga baklita sa fashion industry na willing to pay, sagana sila sa imported meat.

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