Prince Prince of Bel Air

What’s next for Daniel Matsunaga? The Brazilian model-actor’s luck seems to have been on the downturn lately. Aside from some guest appearances, he has no regular tv shows and movies. His restaurant-bar’s closed. He has a bad rep as a showbiz grifter. Maybe he needs a little push. Or another scandal to make tongues wagging again.

42 thoughts on “Prince Prince of Bel Air”

  1. So RD, aside from Erich, whoelse has he swindled (except of course, all those gays, TV execs included, who were his willing victims in exchange for sexual favors)?

  2. he is the most handsome gifter…am suggesting a movie where he is a handsome manloloko parang may suspense at habulan…

  3. Well besides being pasuso sa mga TV execs, he also does elite escort services in North Asia. Sa mga businessman/woman naman. He has a handler/”pimp” who does all the bookings for him. Mind you, this is a very exclusive and efficient system, and many international models do it too.

    He was booked for a month by a Hong Kong tycoon. Given a pent house in HK and a private jet where he needed to fly and be. Basta kung kelangan sya ng tycoon, handa syang pasuso at kumasta.

    1. Anonymous 6:18 – No need to be tacky. I’m just sharing what I know. If you don’t believe it, then don’t. No one’s forcing you. 🙂

      Anonymous 7:08 – My bad, I meant East Asia. 🙂

    2. this is not the first time i heard about this exclusive system. I am really interested. Do you have any idea how to get in touch with the handler?

    3. Anonymous 12:26 If you have to ask, then you don’t qualify. Sorry. Clients are only offered these services if the “booking system” people deem you of a certain status, at par with their elite and very select roster of clients. The “right” clients are offered these services; they do not have to ask online.

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