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And so little-known actor Prince Clemente from GMA-7 drops trou and hopes to get noticed. Sex sells, and skimpy underwear gets attention. Prince has been in showbiz for a couple of years already and his latest shoot showing skin might just make it for him.

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  1. Max: FIRST FOR THE UGLIES!!! Woot! Woot!
    Daisy: Max is so careless, he left his phone again… What? He added a password?
    Max: Daisy! What are you doing with my phone?
    Daisy: Nothing! Why are you so on edge?!
    Max: Just keep your hands off my phone! Whew! Good thing Daisy didn’t see our sex videos coz I plan to upload them onto PORNHUB and make money out our incestuous relationship!
    Daisy: You were saying Max?
    Max: It’s moneeeey!!!
    Daisy: Ughhh!!! I hate you Max!!!

  2. Whoahzha!!! Armsh, shayang at yawsh nya shaken kashe isha akong Jejemong Taeng Bashurahan! Gushto koh sana sha kanya! Por choor magcocomment yang FAKE na feeling kolehiyala kunoh peoh bashurah college din lungz sha! Hihihi…

    1. Argph!!! Ambahouh bahouh moh pouh!!! Posher! Kaw pouh ish ugliezh!!! Meeh pouh ampwettyih!!! Ahmzh, duhh pouh!!!

  3. ano pong brand ng briefs yan? hehehe

    anyways kahit no-name yung briefs kung keribels naman ng may suot e sexy pa rin hehehe. peace!

      1. parang hindi po yata fruit of the loom ang mga suot niya. wala pong label sa waistband ng briefs na “Fruit of the Loom”. feeling ko eh nathaniel briefs yan. hahaha

          1. hehehe tangkilikin ang sariling atin kumbaga. kahit boardwalk pa yung brand ng briefs niya, keribels naman niya ang suot. hot and sexy niya sarap hilain yung briefs pababa! hehehe

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