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Private Tutor: Ross Simbulan

Ross Simbulan is a 24-year-old model who was last seen as one of the male contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 bikini contest. The 5’7″-tall hottie was also included in last year’s list of 69 “Hot, New Bachelors” of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine, where he lists his occupation as “model/private tutor.” He appeared in an indie movie, Kasambahay [Dead’s Grin] also released last year.
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  1. Uy bat nawala ang mga comments namin dito? hahahaha… nagreport siguro ng personal si ROSS, anyway walang lihim ang hindi mabubunyag yun lang yun!!! 😉

  2. lol @ anonymous 12:26AM, yeah bakit nga nawala comments namin dito? takot ka bang malaman ang katotohanan? hmmmm, kaya dapat bago magsasali sali kung sang sang pacontest, wag gagawa ng kababalaghan para hindi mabuking ang kabadingan! that’s all girls lol!

  3. hehehe..Alam ko ang boyfren ni ross ngayon…hehehe kasama nya ata sa work..ung pasara ng na airlines hehehe..Yung puro bakla mga crew hehehe..halus makikita mo sila lakad lakad sa angeles lage..Good luck po..hahaah jefferson is the name..oppps name drop…sori.. kawawang aimiff/yobo

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