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Racing Briefs

These are probably the biggest lines of argument for the return of the tiny speedos:  Neil Klinefelter (left) and Dyrham Palfrey grace us today with their Royal Hotness in *gasp* budgie smugglers! Neil is a flight attendant, model and athlete with a whole lot of hunky package, while Dyrham is a competitive swimmer, who once splashed through the National Games with his viral cutesy photos. I know who you’re lusting after.

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    1. Yeah! You were the well-known SHABU addict in campus who always fantasized but never realized.


      Keep claiming until you have actual PROOF to show.

  1. Ako din gusto ko si neil. Sarap siguro magpa iyot ni neil. Feeling ko hindi ako maka tayo sa sarap at hapdi ohhhh papa neil isagad mo paaaa.

  2. Racing brief or swimming trunk briefs are the best. Much very better than board shorts. That’s the reason why I really like Asian boys like the Filipinos and hate American boys.

  3. Mas ok naman talaga ganyan na briefs for swimming hindi gaya ngayon. sana bumalik mga ganyan na style mas sexy

  4. Dyrham was the viral cute kid non sa Palarong Pambansa! Super cute! wow meron na pala sya mga endorsements

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