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Rafael gets busy

Although he is no longer opening for the big Bench show on 25 July – Blackout, perennial Bench-boy-in-briefs Rafael Rosell is still in the two-hour skinfest.  After his acting award in that lesbian movie, Rafael seems to be in high career spirits these days. He is busy with his tv shows in his home studio, U.S. concert tour [gasp!] with his Coverboys group, and a new movie with Jon Mullally entitled Civil Status: Single.
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  1. sarap tlga ni raf super…do u agree guys?if he even improve his hot body and make him so tan hell be so hot like a latino…

  2. OO love ko din si Rafa ang cute cute nya lalo na yung nasal na accent nya. ang bango bango pa nito. haaay. thanks RD.

  3. malandi yan, mga bakla sa abs-cbn feel free pag naka hubad nayan, libre tingin

    pero huwag kang magkakamalinggumalaw, jumbag abot mo! dvha ween deramas at dj durano?

  4. Ang sarap talaga niya! Sana magpakita na siya ng puwet sa Blackout tutal nagpakita na naman siya sa Maligno. Hahahaha!

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