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Rafael Rosell. Again.

Of course, he is in Bench’s ad campaigns. This summer, Rafael Rosell gets to be the more prominent model-in-briefs for the underwear brand, as his exposure for the Summer White Gold catalog of Bench spreads to a lot of pages. Rafael, who is still trying to work out his leading-man status on tv and the movies, seems to be the ultimate go-to guy of Bench underwear, as he is in his comfortable element in those one-size-under briefs.
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  1. I am sure someone will rant about the picture being photoshopped again. Well the backgroudn is. Of course, the obvious. But hte gay visitors here are really like that. Very keen.

  2. Si Rafael ang isa sa pinakamadalas mag-expose ng armpits sa pic. At least, ang napipili na final pic for publication ay iyong armpit-exposing. I specially like his ICON cover…

    Dito sa Bench, pits galore pa rin! Go Rafael! Keep showing those gorgeous armpits!


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