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Ram Sagad grows

Fresh-faced Sylvester “Ram” Sagad is having a grand time in modeling. He’s been practically in all fashion shows and commercials in the metro, after bursting into the limelight via a surprise win at the Century Tuna Superbods Model Search last summer. He is finishing a course in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the San Sebastian College-Manila, where he also played varsity hoops. Although showbiz beckons, he says he might just stick to modeling for now.
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  1. He really looks yummy but he doesn’t possess the animal appeal that would awaken your sexual urge… I go for GINO ETRONE and MARCY ARELLANO of UE instead… Whenever I got to see them they always made me shiver…Would appreciate if you can feature them too RD.

  2. THERE IS NO JUSTICE FOR RAM IN THIS PHOTO…he looks very ‘tipiko pinoy’. but check out the earlier posts and you will clamour to his non-typical beauty. with his long, lean tanned body, i’ll bet my last 2 cents, that he is hung like a mountain sheep…RAM, LET’S MAKE SOME CHEESE!

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