Model Franz Garcia is such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode. If you want your boys adorable and lean and mean, then Franz fits the [libido] bill.

22 thoughts on “Ravage”

    1. RD why do you allow such trashy individuals like this to comment? Sa totoo lang napakairita na yung “puhrung” na yan. We thank you na nawala na yung sina Rapbeh at yung palaging nagpa PRAK pero favor lang naman pakitanggal narin to.

      1. Andami mong alam bakla! Lande, Rapbeh, Inah Evans, PRAK, and the likes add color and allure to the site na otherwise e boring. Mas masaya pa nga minsan mabasa mga patutsadahan nila kesa sa posts ni RD! Dami mong napapansin! Rd, if not for these colorful posters, matagal ng ghost town tong site mo!

        1. “Color” you say? More like stains. And what “ghost town” are you yapping about? Even without those STAINS RD’s site would still be visited by throngs of people with better breeding than those STAINS you seem to be protecting.

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