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Red Crass?

vinleeI don’t know with you, but I’m not about to go Aunty Prude with the recent Red Cross Charity Ball where nearly-naked persons were on display at the Shangri-La at the Fort. It was a welcome sight! Well, at least for this site. Where else can you get up close with the models in all their VPLness, like Vin Lee?


Also, Rein Villareal takes a picture and he likes what he sees. The former Mr. Philippines is getting his major break as a Bench Body model. These days, modeling jobs are slim pickings. It’s a good thing the underwear company’s churning out all these projects for the models.

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    1. and pls don’t forget to make water the halaman and strol the dogs and make but ng pan de sal sa corner bakery. understand, inday?

    1. Tanggal si richard pangilinan nung semi final round teh waley ang sagot sa q and a kinabahan sayang sya pa nman pinaka gwapo sa lahat

  1. I like Rain so much kahit na isa siyang Korean. Bukod sa gwapo na, super sexy pa at magaling pang kumanta. Sana mag-concert uli siya dito sa Pinas.

    1. And you need to SHUT DA FUCK UP, Vietnam Thorn!

      Try putting your shoe UP YOUR ASS and your foot IN YOUR MOUTH (literally).


  2. Sarap na sarap siguro si Benchan sa orgy sa mga models after sa Bench Tower, which is near Shangrila The fort!!!!

  3. display pa more para may booking baga…hay mga lalaki ngayon ayaw magbanat ng buto gusto easy money kaya display pa more sa titis and the burats for more income generation…

  4. yung suot ni Vin Lee, Michael Cinco x Bench undies ata yan. As in super nipis nung fabric nyan, polyester type and bakat kung bakat talaga.

  5. Pabooking si Rein, for 20k na since nanalo last year ng mister Phils ata yun, model na daw sya hahahaha. Leila Dee nga lang ampota at duty free!!!

  6. What Ben Chan wants, Ben Chan gets!
    Yan gusto nya na concept. Wa class pero walang magagawa mga alipores nya na sina Noelle Manapat!!!!

  7. Sana mga big name artista pinaganyan hahahaha that would be the day!!! Im sure madaming magdodonate sa Red Cross!!!

  8. Sarap pagjakulan, may bakla siguro na nagpunta sa CR at nagjakol ng bonggang bongga during the event hahahahahahahaha

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