Another cute-hunks-of-yore pic, perfect for throwback Thursday. John Harren Cuevas was recently spotted – still in fine form – auditioning for the Bench Body fleshfest in September. Harren was the last (and the cutest) Viva Hotmen member, that late lamented strip-lipsync-and-grind group of  sexy boys. He has also appeared in straight-to-video movies Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance.


48 thoughts on “Resurfacing”

  1. omg! he’s back and still hot! I just so love this guy ever since..parang gusto na sya pakasalan hahaha

  2. grabe. ang pogi nitong lalaking ito. lalaking lalaki! kahit hindi paputiin ang kutis ng katawan, ang pogi-pogi! 🙂

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