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Question: If you were to choose among these sexy, sweaty men on a hot, hot night on the beach , who would it be and why? Will you choose Carlito Gonzales [middle], top model of recent Fashion Week history? Or campus heartthrob and commercial model Mauro Lumba [right]? How about ex-varsity baller Paul Nuilan with the hot bod?
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  1. Are they still “under the employment” of Mama RP aka Arpee? Parang di na nakikita etong 3 na binabahay ni Mama RP.

    1. Yeah thats why his lifestyle is always questionable. Naka Rolex, gucci belt, hublot watch, LV bag tapos wala naman trabaho, di naman nakagraduate. How can he afford all those things? Unless fake mga gamit nyA

  2. Si Mau Lumba nag papa book na din? E sosy boy yan sa Uste dati. Baka naghirap na..
    ————————————-Duh… Malay mo kaya siya “sosy” sa UST kasi pinopondohan siya ni Mama R. I doubt na talagang mayaman siya kasi kung mayaman talaga siya Ateneo or LaSalle siya mag-aaral.

  3. saan ang myrna bulalo???? haaay bakit ganyan , parang merong mismatch, I mean dami namang beki ang willing mag book pero hirap hagilapin ng mga boylets

  4. pag mayaman, ateneo or la salle? hahaha…dami anak mayaman sa UP.UST.Beda.or any other school…it’s a choice..

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