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Shirtless and Loving It

Happy Monday everyone! Today we’re having a serving of cute and sexy Kyle Amor. The 21-year-old singer and actor – originally from Los Angeles – is in the country to pursue his showbiz dream. He was featured in an ABS-CBN series for a while. When he’s not busy with his acting schedule, he’s off modeling for magazine fashion editorials.
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  1. wala na siya dito sa Pinas! bumalik ulet sa states kaso itrtry niyang bumalik ulet dito sa Pilipinas this year

  2. Yup, confirmed PLU. He’s always in the company of Paolo Gonzales, of the Enervon TV commercial-fame. They’re also good friends with Belo-endorser Eddie Mendez. They’re often spotted in Boni, Mandaluyong, and Ayala, Makati. Read between the lines here.

  3. nice.. hot!! rd can you look for that guy na anak ni amy austria sa lorenzo’s time. i find him hot kasi!!

  4. according to my abs cbn insider, di rin daw nakatakas sa makamandag na nguso ni deo edrinal ang boylet na to. In other words, na chups din!! grabeh, ang haba talaga ng nguso, este, buhok ng lola natin! ikaw na!

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