Shirtless Runway

Yass! It’s another Yasser Marta appearance! And while it may not be in Bench/Body underwear , he’s showing off those fine body hairs that we love. Body hairs over bulge, or is it the other way around? In any case, we love a shirtless, protruding and smiling Yasser Marta anytime!

25 thoughts on “Shirtless Runway”

  1. Hello there!

    What a beautiful sexy man!
    He is my type! My future BF and the father of my children. 🇺🇸

    Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles

    1. Too bad your ip address shows you being here in Manila.

      D-List Tabloid “writer”
      Out of School Gay
      I.T. Boob
      Delusional Accla


  2. Yuuuuum! Mas kanasa-nasa s’ya with his hairy chest. Buti nakinig ang mga taga-Bench. Hairy chest is not an imperfection. Kaya pati na rin yung mga excess pubic hairs, dapat di tinatanggal ‘yan. I-trim lang. Gusto yata ni Bench mga twink ang nagsusuot ng brief nila. Not so manly.

    Pinagbawalan din ba ng GMA na mag-brief si Yasser? Kakalokah.

    1. korek! nakakalibog kaya yung hairy chest. even hairless armpits nakakwala ng libog. iba talaga yung appeal pag may bulbol

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