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Shower Time

It has been slim pickings lately this side of the globe. Today our hunk’s from the other side of the pond, not too far away. Mr. World Malaysia Mohd Yusuf Tony kept things warm and toasty lately with his shower shots and we’re in awe.

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    1. Yan ang katalinuhan mo sa pag post ng English dito? ” Slather his manhood over my skin” Ano yung titi nya natunaw na sabon na ipapahid mo sa balat mo? Ayos ang intelligence na yan.

    1. Ok tuli sya dahil sits ay Muslim. Kaya nga may Mohd eh. Mohd means Mohammad. Last ng tuli sa Malaysia ay mga Muslim at pinoy lang. Lahat ng hindi Muslim na Malaysians digressing spot nga.

      1. Tuli sya dahil siya ay Muslim. Lahat ng tuli sa Malaysia ay puro mga Muslim at mga pinoy lang. Lahat ng hindi Muslim na Malaysians ay siguradong mga supot yon.

  1. That’s what I really mean. Previously Andrew Wolf. Now, this Malaysian boy named Yusuf Tony. Trivia: They are both Mister World candidates. Magof para i lini’e’miyu put i lahen Malasia.

      1. Coz you are stupid brainless idiot, so you know nothing at all! Get out of here if you feel irritated or pissed off. You are nothing but stealing my own identity because of your defeat.

        1. You are the who admit that you don’t know the trivia I mean. Leche i be’be-mu, you are the one who commit identity theft so only you should get out of here! You have no right to get me out of here coz YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG! HAGU HA’ I MAS LECHE YAN LAÑA NA KA’DUKO’!

  2. He looks good on the first and 2nd pics pero sa pangatlo, lumabas na ang haba ng mukha.. typical malaysian hunk look.. mahahaba na parang constru.. yung madalas napapanood sa mga asian gay vids

    1. honest question, di ba ok sa karamihan ang mas pahaba na mukha? ako personally mas prefer ko yung pahaba kaysa bilugin just bec pag bilugin parang mukhang mataba lagi.

  3. Jonas Sulzbach of Brazil may be the first Mr. World having dick photo. Next is Andrew Wolfe. Now, this Malaysian boy, Mohd Yusuf Tony.

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