Hot Men in the Philippines


Still another photo of perennial Bench Body underwear model Borgy Manotoc taming his snakes, seemingly out of control. To repeat the question: What if you didn’t know his politics? What if he’s just an ordinary young man modelling briefs, would you lust for him?
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  1. That’s the thing perhaps…if it were not for his politics, he would have been modelling briefs in one of those sleazy gay bars.

  2. I find him sexy and been lusting on him since 2000 when he started modelling with Bench 🙂 gorgeous voice too. Not bad,not bad at all.

    – jan

  3. May appeal siya…at malakas ang sex appeal nya…don’t know sa ibang comments…sa totoo lang…kung mag comment ang iba dito…kala mo wala silang kapintasan…at para naman pinalalabas ng iba dito na madali silang makakuha ng date…please get real…

  4. sabi ng frend ko during pictorial nya ng underwear para sa isang cover magazine,di nya alam duoble sided ung mirror kaya sinisilip nila sya habang nagbibihis at maliit daw ang nota nya kaya nawalan sila ng gana…

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