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Sofian Ait-Mansour

Twenty-five-year-old French model Sofian Ait-Mansour was one of the featured hunks in Bench underwear’s summer campaign last year. He is best remembered as the boyfriend of the full-bosomed winner of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition , Keanna Reeves. The 6’1″-tall Sofian, who is now based in Hong Kong, also did commercial ads while in Manila and was one of Cosmopolitan [Philippines] magazine’s 2006 bachelors.
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  1. bonjour sofian ca va? tell me when you come and visit the big apple ok? youre one good material for a sculpture….nice body hon! take care or youll hurt yourself….

  2. is this a recent photo? sofian looks different here from the photo spread he had for icon mag and for bench promo photos last year.

    it must be keanna’s past work as an escort girl that drove her to stalk sofian at embassy bar ang bag his 7-inch treasure into her boobsy, albeit, sagging allure.

    keanna doesn’t talk about sofian anymore in her recent tv guestings.i guess it was a short-lived affair, and sofian left her as soon as his cum dried up over keanna’s middle-aged, frowning clit. hahaha

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