Spark Ding!

Yes, that is his name – Spark Ding. Born in the Philippines to Korean parents, Spark Ding claims to have three college degrees – International Business in Australia, IT in Hong Kong, and Nursing in Manila. He speaks with an American inflection -put-on or otherwise, as a result of his living in half a dozen continents in the past. He was Mr. Campus Face 2006, when he represented his nursing college [I think it was St. Jude in Manila], and was one of the featured models in the Cosmo Bachelors’ Bash in 2006.

2 thoughts on “Spark Ding!”

  1. TRICK OR TREAT GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT! i’ll probably hear that line 100 x on halloween nite with kids in costumes asking for candies on my front door (very pagan tradition). for me halloween came today with your beauty korean posting. thnx rd and i’ll toast a glass of wolf blass with that (tinto of course)!!!!!seriously, am taking korean airlines from NY with stopover in seoul on my way to manila in janvier. i can’t wait. nakakakilig!

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