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I know I’m late for the Raphael Rogoff parade, but what the heck, such a beautiful mug deserves space in this wayward blog. The 19-year-old NYU student is the son of Cherie Gil, one of local showbiz’s bestest actors of all time.  Raphael obviously won the genetic lottery twice, and he’s featured here to remind us mere mortals and plebs that natural beauty + a sunny disposition make one handsome boy worthy of envy.

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    1. Haha! Wag mo kalimutan na bubuhusan ka nya muna ng’re nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat. Matapos yan, o sya hada na

  1. He looks a tad older for a 19 year-old, but all I say is, Italians are more hung than Folden & Hung. Thank you & Mabuhay!

  2. di ko akalain ganito ka gwapo anak ni Cherie! kung sabagay gwapong lahi naman mga eigenmann. gwapo din siguro ama nito.

        1. Point is that’s not the colors of lgbt. Dapat kasi kumpletong colors ng rainbow yun. While yan e green, yellow at orange lang.

    1. lol it’s a typical board shorts design…
      labas labas din and galaw galaw din paminsan minsan para di mangmang sa maraming bahay and di puro kabaklaan ang alam

    1. Bogets ka bakla ka, He won the genetic lottery because he’s good looking period. May pa arte2x kapa dyan eh wala kang alam. tseeee.

    1. Too bad di lang sa Eigenmann side ang may premature baldness dahil yung daddy nitong si Raphael na si Ronnie Rogoff the italian violinist may premature baldness din noon. In 5 years time baka para na siyang si Prince William.

  3. If I’m not mistaken may isa pang anak na lalaki si Cherrie Gil kay Ronald Bregandahl naman (anak ni Rita Gomez) noong Regal baby days nila ni Cherie. Gwapo rin kaya yun? though he must be old by now dahil iyon ang panganay ni Cherie.

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