Tempting Timothy

Let’s take a short, short break from all the wankers. Wholesome feature is Timothy Lim, who is so cute I can’t decide if he’s hot and sexy in these photos, or just plain adorable as a puppy. Since he took off the shirt and pants, I’ll go for “hot and sexy” for now, although I would love to pinch those, uh, cheeks in the name of cuteness.

58 thoughts on “Tempting Timothy”

  1. You know what they say about cute and innocent-looking guys! They fuck wild and rough!!!hihihi…or so they say!hmmmm…yum!

  2. Legs? Yummy
    Abs? Yummy din
    Arms? Super Yummy
    Chest and Shoulder? Ang Sarap
    Lips? Ang sarap halikan
    Eyes? Ang cute
    Shemay ang sarap nya. Ang gwapo pa.

    1. Duro ha’ un a’addada’ i maisa-hu sa’ papacha’ yan popble hao ni kina’dukoko’mu. What do you mean that in my language, huh? Fumifinono’ hao mayayamak na Chamoru, ai adai, ai sent popble na kilisyanu!

    2. Instead of discussing about the boys, you discussing about dancing with me! You have mental illness, Anonymous na troll! Keep imitating my personality.

    3. Yung lang ba ang ginagawa mo, manggagaya ng pagkatao ng iba? Hahahahaha! Kawawa ka naman. Resulta yan sa sira ng ulo. Ikaw ang pinakabagay na dadalhin sa mandaluyong! Magpagamot ka na nga, Anonymous! Sira ulo lang ang may kakayahan na manggaya ng pagkatao ng iba. Talunan na bobo lang ang may kakayahan na manggaya ng pagkatao ng iba!

      1. Only you is crazy! The only one who should see psychiatrist is the one who commit identity theft. Aside from that, you will go to jail. Let’s see who commit identity theft. Shame on you, TROLL!

      2. Ikaw sumusobra ka na ha! Anong mapapala mo sa pang aapi mo sa kapwa tao?! Akala mo kung sino many perpekto!
        You are too much! What is your goal for bullying anybody here?! You think how perfect you are!
        Insulting karelin and anybody here is nothing but you make yourself stupid pathetic mentally I’ll wicked useless idiot!

  3. wow! complete package. he has beautiful chinito eyes, he has beautiful nose, he has beautiful body, beautiful long sexy legs.

  4. Yan ang hunk! Dapat mag work double time mga models natin na chaka para magkaroon sila ng ganyang katawan at tindig!

  5. Dapat kasi i-feature mo na lang RD yung mga may class na boys gaya nito, pero dapat din nakatrunks at briefs hehehe

  6. I know who is the real Karelian and I know who is the fake. Coz I speak Chamorro as a native language. Adahi ha’ i maisa-mu, peke’ na Karelin ni inaddada’mu i che’lu-hu!

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