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Oh, you won’t hear it from me, all those stories about the casting couch and racy stuff. Today, David Licauco is the struggling actor, model and 2014 Mr. Chinatown first runner-up. He’s breaking into showbiz, and sometimes, it’s enough that one has a pretty face and bangin’ bod. Those two attributes will get you anywhere in show business.

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    1. You’re the exact opposite, PP:

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        1. Oo nga, he should be nice! Grabe, nowadays, dapat nice talaga the people! No trash talking or bashing! Love, love, love! <3

      1. Anonymous says:
        May 16, 2016 at 7:37 am

        You’re the exact opposite, PP:

        1) You’ll NEVER HAVE what it takes to be famous.
        2) Your face is SHIT.
        3) Your bod is SHITTER.
        4) And he has a bulge which you would never be able to see since you’re a eunuch.

        You understand, PP?


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  1. ang sarrap nya! he bacame my crush when he won first runner up sa mr. chinatown 2014. parang ang linis at ang bango ng katawan nya!

    1. Ito ang comment na nagje generalize. Bakit Ilang titi ng Chinese na ba ang nakita mo at expert ka na?

      1. hay nakwoh, kaya lang niya nasasabi yan ay dahil kada may makita siyang chinese na nakahubad, umuurong ang tite at bayag ng chinese dahil sa nerbyos at diri gawa ng kapangitan ng lintik na anonymous na yan! PRAK!

  2. Naging BF ko sya for 1year. masarap sya at haaaay! nag se sex pa rin kami until now. kaenes!

  3. Kawawa naman yang batang yan. Kung sino sino nakikita kong bakla na kasama nyan. May komedyante, may blogger, may matandang direktor etc. it just shows how eager he is to carve his niche in showbiz, he’ll do whatever it takes.

  4. Hmm mukhang malibog na bata! LOL
    Pabook nga ba sya or imbento na naman ng mga beking walang magawa sa parlor???

  5. Mahal ha! I tried inquiring and yung bugaloo quoted 50k para namang ginto tamod nyan juice ko!!!

  6. Masarap nga naman molestyahin ang isang to, mukhang tatanga tanga and he’ll do everything hahahhaa

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