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The Brothers Ataellahi

Oh, I found twins who pose in their undies sans qualms and misgivings . They’re Robert and Albert Ataellahi, natives of Tehran, Iran but they are here now for medical studies at the Manila Central University in Caloocan City. If they look familiar, the 27-year-old hunky twins appeared in last year’s edition of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and new bachelors. They are also favorite featured models in the Philippine Fashion Week series and the upcoming Bench show.
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  1. correction they didn’t make the cut for Philippine Fashion Week just ask Direk Cata Figueroa, Raymond Villanueva and Joey Espino. They threw a fit when their numbers weren’t called during the go see. As far as their being well endowed yes malaki talaga mga nota nila….

  2. hehe nice one RD, dapat mag feature ka pa ng brothers na sexy and mas maganda din twins. kaso kulang tayon ng twins hahaha

  3. Does Ahmadinejad know about Iranians abroad stripping in public? The Iran moral police will whip this guys a thousand times if they find out.

  4. they’re hot like my partner who is persian..hinde lahat ng iranians dakota mas dakota ang mga iraqis..they are not oldies..middle eastern guys looks mature pero bata pa sila..

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