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The Brothers Khodaverdi

There is someone for everyone. Whether you like dem chunky-hunky or plain twinky, this site offers a sweep of choices. Today’s menu came in the form of the fabulous Brothers Khodaverdi, of Indian descent. Kai is the bigger one, and he has seen a lot of bodybuilding competitions around town. On the other hand, Emil is the model guy, who has been tagged as one of the Bench models of late. Who’s your fancy?

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  1. Ang yummy ng muscles ni Kai
    Sarap dila dilaan! Hanggang mag cum sya ng curry flavored cum hahahahhaa

  2. They are actually Armenians. Not that anybody would believe me. I can say it for a fact, because I actually know their uncle.

    1. It’s Persian/Iranian, Stoopid!

      You’re right tho na di ka namin paniniwalaan kase MALI KA!!!

      Hee-Hawwww Hee-Hawwww

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