The Brothers Kiefer

Cute brothers and models Marvin [top] and Raphael Kiefer are going separate ways under the klieg lights. Marvin the Younger, after his stint in Survivor Philippines [where he was dubbed as “The Ultimate Crush”] is getting spots in GMA-7’s shows as an actor. In fact, he’s headlining a new show in the network entitled Dear Heart – Stalker of the Heart with his girlfriend. On the other hand, Raphael the Older is still active in doing runways and TVCs. He’s the more daring Kiefer who can slip into skimpy briefs and Speedos sans qualms in stark contrast to the younger one, who swore off wearing them swimwear and jockeys in public and photo shoots.

29 thoughts on “The Brothers Kiefer”

  1. marvin!!! yummy. you look like Michelangelo’s David… mag-isip isip, we want to see you in skimpy briefs too. the public clamors for it!

  2. these siblings are both blessed with spectacular height, bodies and faces. how i wish i was their little sister. hahahaha!

    reminds me of the hot-bodied lara brothers. RD, please feature them naman, specially joanel lara and g-ford lara

  3. I went to school with the older brother in Cagayan de Oro. And got to know the three boys, they were all really nice. Relaxed, just chill, cool people.

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