The other Guevara

The wind beneath Be Bench ultimate winner Carlo Guevara‘s wings would definitely have to be his older brother, 21-year-old Paolo Adrian Guevara. Although he did not make it to the top 12 in the Be Bench search, he was fully supportive of his brother throughout the contest. He was also responsible for prodding Carlo earlier in the go-see for the event, as the younger Guevara wanted to back out when he was in the midst of taller and buffer models. The 5’8″-tall Paolo is a graduate of the College of Saint Benilde and has been modeling for quite some time. Ultimate voyeur UPH says Paolo looks way much better in person.

5 thoughts on “The other Guevara”

  1. pareho silang chaka ni carlo. si carlo mukhang tsonggo, itich mukhang kabayo. hahahaha. pareho pang amoy malansa. sumisingaw ang mga matres nyo, day!

  2. I agree, he looks better in person. Head-turner nga siya. Napapa turn head ko kasi e whenever I see him. Ang layo ng mukha nila ni Carlo, parang hindi sila magkapatid. Anyways, those pictures were from somoene’s Multiply account and they’re posted here.

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