Hot Men in the Philippines

The Others


There were others who made their marks in that show. Like model JM Lasala with the low hangers and the VPL.


The Chinitos, Harren, Arcel and Allen, with their backsides.


And exotic model Mark Canlas in the tiniest pouch, just enough to hold his balls and dignity.

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  1. Sarap na sarap si Lola Benchina sa mga bukol ng mga male models! Panay ang finger sa pwet na mabaho! yuck!

  2. miguel lasala looks like a semi-retard in person. he is not good looking, a head turner from afar because of his height and he is a benefactor of his manager who lends him his condo where jm and his condo assoc president (another ugly power abusing atty who works in the senate) fucks occassionally.

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