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The Teacher

IMG_1308SamS copySamuel Jordan Smith may not be breaking the gay internet just yet like that famous and gorg math teacher who went nekkid in photo shoots. And then again, this “high school teacher” who moonlights as a model deserves a post today because (1) he is a HS teacher, for crying out loud! He’s that bring-home-to-momma guy! and (2) he has a bulge-y underwear pic! I’m just too glad there’s Google nowadays.

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  1. magpa private tutor session ako sa kanya sa math pero he should be naked while teaching me, that would be a delight. luv his bulge, nakaka utog ng tarugs.

    1. Good luck sa yo teh. Di sya kakagat sa pera mong pang tutorial session. Hala, balik sa parlor, marami ka pang isa-shampoo!

  2. OMG crush ko pa more this guy! Can’t help but stare whenever I see his pics in the online catalogue of Zalora Philippines. But Mama RD how do you know na sa kanya nga yang underwear pic? The body matches and I don’t doubt your sleuthing powers – but do you sure? I tried googling but mostly pics ni Manay Sam Smith of Stay With Me fame ang results.

      1. Mama Kim, this is not a grammar class or site. So don’t be a bookish or instructor here. Let’s enjoy each other’s fantasy.

    1. Sa mga nagmamagaling na beks na wagas maka-react…

      Well well well look do we have here! The more the manyer! First and for all, di pa ba obvious sa inyo na patawa ko lang yung DO YOU SURE? Google nyo Pinoy funny wrong grammar. Kawawa naman kayo di nyo pala alam yun. O umeepal lang talaga ang peg para kayo ang bida kuno? Pwes it’s not my problem anymore – it’s your problem anymore! Kaloka kayo, sisterettes.

  3. I think press release lang nya yung HS teacher sya dito e model yan paikot ikot sa Asia . tondi makaloko ng Cosmo ha

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