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Odd that the local organizers of Mr. World-Philippines easily appointed two hunky boys as the representatives in the international competitions for two years – John Spainhour [left] this year and Sam Ajdanii for 2015. This leaves the other Filipino guys – from the bikini open sub-culture to the professional runway models – out of luck and no chance in going to England to do the rep for the country. These two underwear models are extra hot, though. Maybe they’ll win. Who knows?

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  1. It just shows that they too bave the power to manipulate the judges and make someon win as they please. Their pageant, their rules.

  2. too bad, you can’t even say that they are really Filipinos. I remember years back, Mr.Philippines World did not allow Jet Rai to win because he is not pinoy. Now we have people who are really none pinoys representing us.

  3. The organizers had made the right decision of appointing these two to represent the Philippines without fanfare and the hassles of the time-consuming stage shows! Successful results in the box!

  4. Aren’t they of mixed parentage, half-Filipino? Otherwise, why are non-Filipinos representing us at Mr. World?

  5. Kung looks at kamachohan lang ang criteria pasok sa banga ang dalawa. Mr world veers toward tisoy types loss ang ethnic looks dyan sorry to say. Pero kung kailangan ng talino haller asa pa si sam ajdani na mega low IQ. try nyo kausapin yan mga teh walang kasense sense.

  6. their pageant, their rules. true these boys are not even filipino. side note one is supposedly a former marine. why the chicken legs? didn’t they train him well?

  7. Eh parang si Ben Chan ang nagsponsor. Nakita nyo ba ang malaking cheke na hawak ni Spainhour?

  8. Dalawa ang nakapasok sa akin. Di ko akalaing kaya ko. Binibiyak ako. Marahas at makirot. Masaya at masarap. At sabay na pumutok na di hinuhugot. (ah, nice dream).

  9. Kulang na lang sabihin mo RD na dapat pure pinoys lang hahahahah I like your diplomacy. hahahahaa

  10. Puro kau dakdak kau nalng kaya irepresent kc full blood pinoy kau. Kulng kau sa research half sila… Duh! Kung ayaw nyo sila mag represent sa pinas rally kau sa harap ng management mr world sarili nyo salu total dyan kau mgaling.

  11. Masyado bang pangit ang mga home-grown Pinoy men kaya puro foreign-born and bred ang pinapasok sa Mr. World?

  12. Naku dumaan na sa balahurang bunganga ni john brillantes ang dalawang yan! Mga contaminated na ang mga nota nyan PWEH

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