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Then and Now

Old pics time. Before he joined Mossimo Bikini Summit . Before he did that shaved-pubes shoot. And before he became a fashion stylist and started to be, uh, fashion-forward [and chichi], Carlos Concepcion looked like …….

This. Like a cute school boy fresh out of his neatly pressed uniform whites and slacks. In 2004 he was a contestant in the Mr. and Ms. Bikini International which gathered newbies from all backgrounds [Jude Marco, Guiness, Marko, Jadel, Cherroy, Bembol,and Randolph were all there]. He didn’t win, but it paved the way for his entry into the modeling scene.

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  1. I really love this guy…then and now!!! Hehehe! Hot and spicy talaga sya!!! Yummm yummm!!!How i wish…..Thanx RD for such pics!!!


  2. Crush ko to b4 kasi certified cutie talaga. He was cuter in person kasi makinis at mamula mula ang skin. Yun bang tipong mamula mula din and berd. hihihi

    Pro lately hmmm… ewan kasi feel ko mas mataas na yata ang kilay nya sa kilay ko. Kalerki!!!

  3. Swerte nya naging jowa nya mga pogi – sina Ramon del Prado nung araw tapos si Victor Basa din..Yung kasama nya sa gym ngayon jowa din nya pogi.

  4. friend told me na he’s super out na,good 4 him. i still like him.had a chance 2 meet him a few years back,mukhang nice naman.

  5. Masyado na syang fashionista na bakla. Nagladlad na nga. Hindi na sya seksi tingnan, maganda na sya.

  6. May pics ba sya noon sa photoshoot na kita buong dick nya? Mukhang duty free pero malinis tingnan at mukhang mabango din!

  7. Anonymous said…
    hatchoow! ground pepper ever!

    June 12, 2011 1:32 PM


  8. Is it true that he’s a Concepcion heir? Kung ganun e bakit sali sya ng sali sa mga bikini contest nung araw? Beauconera!

  9. You want to see his pubes… just go to golds gym around afternoon. mostly MWF siya doon. sobrang teaser ito. he puts his towel near his pubes para kita ung itim. Gustong gusto nyang pinapanuod siya. even ask other gays sa golds

    Ian L.P

  10. college palang becky factor na! super loser! he wont be the heir…sinusuka siya ng angkan nila…

  11. Di naman totoo na Concepcion heir sya kasi disente ang mga Concepcion at hindi sya papayagan dapat na magwla ng ganyan! QUE HORROR!

  12. Anonymous June 12, 2011 10:24pm

    Teaser nga yan at tititig sa iyo yan habang nagwowork-out. Teka Ian Leonel Porlayagan is that you? 🙂

  13. Nah he’s a legitimate concepcion of RFM and carrier-condura. He’s been in lsgh since grade school until highschool.

    If you don’t know that, you’re not in the right circle. yabang ko no? keber. lolz.

  14. JoeCon na JoeCon ang itchu nya sa first pic. Hindi maikakaila na angkan sya ng hotdog at aircon clan. He he he.

  15. Dyowa ng mayabang na graphic artist at EX Mossimo contestant na si Ramon del Prado ito dati. Laging nahuhuli nung contest na naghahalikan. Hahaha

  16. Yung porma kasi nya hindi pang lalaki na avant garde. Meron naman masculine na porma na mga ganyan pero sya e beking beki. Uber!

  17. OMG! really? naging sila ni Ramon del Prado? i personally know Ramon. i’m SHOCKED! so Ramon’s gay? OMG!

  18. For those people who doesn’t even know who is Carlos Concepcion, he’s a HEIR! Carlos father is the owner of RFM Food Industry. If I’m not mistaken he is also the co-owner of Viktor a clothing line in Greenbelt.

  19. I find it amazing how the most judgmental and critical towards GAYS are the gays themselves. Whether this guy is gay or not, or whether he chooses to live his life in or out of the closet is HIS choice. It’s like telling somebody how to look or act – and if he does not conform to OUR idea of masculinity, he gets a barrage of insults. As a community, do we not call for equality and acceptance? Do we not call for an end to judgment and bias? And yet we cannot give the very same things to our brother/sister. How utterly sad. Think about it.

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