Then and Now

In the early days of this blog, I used to feature vintage photos. Sort of a  then-and-now post. Boys got older, some got hotter. And more daring. With the rapid pace of technology, the recording of photos and videos just got faster. The boys came faster, too. I think. So today, here’s a little treat of a handsome hunk from days of the golden past.

25 thoughts on “Then and Now”

  1. Still a hot tie to me even if he gained weight. Just like a wine ……..aged to satisfy if not to perfection

  2. Ito pinakagwapo sa lahat. Gwapo pa rin sya ngayon pero yong kulay ng skin batik batik na. Kawawa naman super bait pa nito

  3. hot nga yang si jet. nagpagpasa-pasahan na lang ngayon ng mga bading mukhang gamit na gamit na. sayang sin siya hindi naalagaan ang sarili

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