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He is bringing the Thursday heat to this site and we’re delighted!

You can dress up James Reid in a sack and he’d still turn up the gorgeousness.

  Today, he’s over styled and we couldn’t care less because he looks mighty fine with that physique and naughty-boy mug. The underwear shots, though, are seriously long overdue.

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  1. Kahit kailan tlga Garage Magazine. Akala ko ba Fashion Mag iyan bat parang every month laging naka-hubad models niyo?

    1. …designer nman kz ang may pakana ng lahat ng pictorial kz cla ang my bitbit ng lahat ng wardrobe… at isusuot lng ng contact model

  2. russel of boyband ph is still tops for me! who cares if the group sucks? i’ll suck russel anytime, seriously!

  3. No matter the pose and the garb, James effortlessly projects a homosexual vibe in his pics that I’m willing to be poisoned just for the heck of it.

  4. Hot na sana kaso nakakabakla yung styling ha! Dapat tunay na lalaki yung pinaayos dyan. Maong then shirtless sana

  5. Ang yameeh! Maski ano naman ipasuot dyan gwapo pa naman
    Wag na maarte mga beki dito. Creative freedom yun ng magazine

  6. Sometime ago when he was still a struggling newcomer, he was offered to me by Cedric Javier for 30k. I refused because he was too much of a twink then. Now I regret that decision.

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