Hot Men in the Philippines



Do you dig reed-thin, tall models? If so, Taiwanese model Sky Yang is your boy! The 6’3″-tall model also lists himself as a student of Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the Enderun Colleges. He is practically cast in all the big modeling projects in town.

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  1. Thank you RD for posting this. Been waiting for Sky’s pic from the show.

    Anyway, if he is Taiwanese, does this mean he is uncut? I wonder.

  2. There is something with these slanted-eye people making them uncanny…. Very sensual…. I’m loving it… Lol…

  3. No self-respecting Chinese guy from a good family would do such a thing, pose in his tiny underwear in public pa! lol

  4. Kung makukuha ko sya, patutuwarin ko sya at didilaan ang butas ng pwet nya, for sure matamis at malinis at pink! lol

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