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Tyler Posing


He’s here! Tyler Mata is in town, doubling our visual pleasure as we watch him and his brother Tanner inside the Big Brother House. Oft times, these boys play with our frailties as they undress and parade shirtless on tv. On days like these, when the world’s a bit amiss, these brothers are balm for the weary soul.

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    1. Hihihi! Una ka na Igan. Sipsipin mo ang ari ng kambing. And grow wildly. Hihihi! And manganak ka ng half-tao, half kambing.

  1. The ‘Top’ version of Tanner 🙂 haha! Isa ring mahilig bumukaka at magbuyangyang ng kilikili toh sa Pbb livestream! Haha

    1. Usa nis mga rason nganong nagtanaw nako ug pbb. Makabuang iyang mga abs bes ug ilang mga pa cute sa tv. Naay uban muingon nga TYLER > TANNER, naa poy uban TYLER < TANNER.

    1. Para side by side daw ang pangromansa te! Itodo na!! Haha! Well, he’s in control of everything kaya use it for his own satisfaction! Hahaha #LuckyBeki

    1. Laging tambay sa CR camera ang mga yan! Ay mahabagin!!! Nasisilayan cguro nila lagi ang wank session ng twins!!!

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