Hot Men in the Philippines

V Boy

Let’s do wholesome. And red. Of course, you know this tall handsome hunk. Vince Ferraren is one of the most in-demand models in town. He is now a favourite over at local clothing brand Bench Body. His images are all over the summer campaign! Such a delight, indeed.

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  1. naku – sa panaginip si Vince ang gusto ko i-check in sa motel para pakantot ako buong magdamag. ubos sigurado tamod ni Vince.

  2. Malaki sya at napakakinis. Sobrang bait pa nya, tahimik at hindi mayabang di gaya ng ibang models dun na sobrang pa bibo.

  3. great post RD!! but could i request a Richard Yap sexy or maybe a little “naughty” post? wud surely make my day!! Been hearing good words of admiration for this guy lately from the Philippines (but honestly havent watched his show yet) and a post for him would be a delight. Merci beaucoup!

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