Victor Basa looked a lot better …..

by: rddantes November 2, 2007 | 6 Comments |

…… when he was younger, as seen in the photos above. He had those full lips and not-so-emaciated bod. Now, he looks a bit thin and tired, with those lips getting crookeder and crookeder. On a recent vacation, with nothing else to do but to watch tv and eat, I got to see him on the 24-hour feed of Big Brother. Victor is like a lost pup in the Big Brother show. Utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air, Victor tries to fit in the motley group inside the house. Yet, he chose to be there – so let’s see how far he goes…

6 Comments on "Victor Basa looked a lot better ….."

  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s a dish called “pinaputok na labi”.

  2. Cryola says:

    eh kung lumantad na ba naman sha eh di hindi na sha mashadong uptight at feeling blue. obviosang obviosa na kontrolado ang mga galaw para hindi mahalata.

    btw, i like full lips, pero chaka ang ganyang ka thick at pouty lips. Daisy duck ang dating.

  3. daisy siete says:

    ehem. plangak! super pigil ang fabulosang rampadora. sey nga ni barakong will, if i remember it correctly, “i know victor from outside, hindi siya ganyan…” napakamatalinhaga (sige nga will, sabihin mo yan LOL) napakamatalinhaga

  4. demure says:

    gay or ungay, i like victor. good attitude!

  5. yum says:

    gay ha. sigurado kayo. o wishful thinking lang. charotera

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