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Someone needs our help, our collective efforts, guys. Yon Fronda, the 24-year-old cute model who was featured here before, got his photos uploaded in this Benetton It’s My Time contest. It’s the global casting competition of the clothing brand known for its multi- and interracial ads. The top 100 models will be featured in a book and 20 will be flown to New York City for the 2010 Fall/Winter catalogue shoot. So vote for Yon here in this link, although I’m not sure about the psoriasis thing. Hmmm.
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  1. young ang fresh! i like!

    anyways, commercial muna mga sis. for the latest showbiz intrigues and exclusive photos of your favorite stars, don’t forget to check out my blog.

    insider’s info ang lahat ng news jan, mga sisters. courtesy of no one else but yours truly~~~ ABS CBN’s prettiest!!! so bookmark my page na! now na!!!

  2. Magkano ang bayad sa boto ko? Ang lagay libre….samantalang si Money Villar namimili ng botante. =)

  3. mas gusto ko sya dati noong malaman laman pa sya. nagpapayat na sya sa lagay na ito kaya di na masyadong gwapo.

  4. angtaray naman ng nagtatanong kung may US Visa daw sya para hindi masayang ang boto nya ahhaha. kalowka mga tao dito. aliw ang mga baliw na becky!

  5. BENETTON MODELS…hindi lahat ng models ng Benetton ay pogi. the company looks for something unique and extra-ordinary. to coin a word, PANSININ. i have lived through the Benetton years (in fact i still have some old clothes and accessories from the famed Italian company in my closet. some from Mexico, U.S. and Canada). sad to say, the flame for the company has long extinguished and its outlets are noticeably gone from the N.A. malls. BTW, if you are looking for super pogi models (a.k.a. salespersons), try Abercrombie or Hollister. they are guys to drool for all day and all night long. however, they are NOT FOR SALE.

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